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Some courses require additional books or other materials. Please check this list using the course number to check the course you are interested in. 

1. Required Books

Many courses have required books in addition to the materials supplied in class. Instructors do their best to keep the prices down, so most books are easy to find and second-hand copies are available.

The list is in numerical order by the course number and grouped by different categories of courses. 

2. CS100s to CS200s: Classical/Traditional Astrology

Classical Astrology

CS151A Dignity and DebilityCharles Obert
Obert, Charles. 2018. Using Dignities in Astrology. Minneapolis, MN: Almuten Press. ($12.99 at, $25 on Amazon)

CS152A The Cycle of the Year: Traditional Predictive Astrology
Obert, Charles. 2018 The Cycle of the Year: Traditional Predictive Astrology ($12.00 at for ebook, or $19.95 on Amazon for hard copy)

Traditional Astrology

CS201A Magical Elections – Nina Gryphon
Picatrix. The Attrell and Porreca translation is preferred and will be used in the course. If you have another edition, that may be acceptable, depending on the quality, which has varied dramatically between editions. Whatever edition you use, please ensure it is complete, rather than a partial edition. Link:
Book of Rulerships by J. Lee Lehman.
Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Heinrich Agrippa. Online versions exist and can be used (such as;view=toc); for those wanting a physical book, Llewellyn's edition is a good, readable option

CS205A Beginning Horary Astrology – Nina Gryphon
The Houses: Temples of the Sky by Deborah Houlding as in W104.
Christian Astrology, Books 1 and 2. Astrology Classics/Astrology Center of America edition recommended for availability and modernized spelling.
Introduction to Traditional Astrology: Abu Ma'shar & al-Qabisi, trans. Benjamin N. Dykes, Ph.D.

Hellenistic Astrology

CS301A Intro to Hellenistic Astrology - Ali Gully
George, Demetra. 2019. Ancient astrology in theory and practice; a manual of traditional techniques, vol. one: assessing planetary condition, Rubio Press, Aukland, New Zealand. (Amazon $49.00)

3. E520-E522 (Soul & Spirit)

Soul and Astrology

E520A and E520B Astrologies of Soul – Enid Newberg & Joseph Crane
No text required, articles provided in course.
Optional useful reading: Cousineau, Phil. 1995 (reprint). Soul: An Archaeology--Readings from Socrates to Ray Charles. HarperOne. ISBN-13: 978-0062502438 ISBN-10: 0062502433 (new/used $2.50 – 14.00 Amazon)

E520C Astrologies of Soul: Reincarnation and the Recurring Soul - Joseph Crane and Enid Newberg
Traleg Kyabgon. Karma: What It Is, What It Isn't, Why It Matters. Shambala Press, 2015. ($12-$14)

E521A The Astrology of Marsilio Ficino: How to live the good life - Joseph Crane
No book required as readings will be supplied. However, if you manage to find a copy of Ficino's Three Books on Life it can be helpful.
(Right now, however, copies are running about $30-500 dollars on Amazon - it may be better to hunt in used book stores).

E522A Finding the Wholes: Systems Thinking and Astrology - Enid Newberg
No text required - articles on course site

4. E260 Series - MesoAmerican & Other Traditions

E260 Exploring Mesoamerican Astrology – Bruce Scofield
(Self-directed course)
Scofield, Bruce. Signs of Time: An Introduction to Mesoamerican Astrology. Amherst, MA: One Reed Publications, 1994.
Scofield, Bruce and Barry Orr. How to Practice Mayan Astrology. Rochester, VT: Bear and Company. 2007.
These two texts are available from or

5. E300 series History


E300 Astrological Heritage through the Renaissance – Inga Thornell
(self-directed course)
Campion, Nicholas. 2009. A History of Western Astrology Volume I: The Ancient World. ($35.95 Amazon)

E301A Astrological Heritage, Development of Modern Astrology Part 1 – Inga Thornell
Campion, Nicholas. 2009. A History of Western Astrology Volume II: The Medieval and Modern Worlds. ISBN-10: 1441181296. ISBN-13: 978-1441181299. (Available from or $35.95 Amazon in paperback).

E305A Astromythology – Inga Thornell
Morford and Lenardon, Classical Mythology edition 7 or later. I've provided a pdf link on the Moodle coursesite to download but the non-current editions of this are inexpensive and it is worth having in printed form for easier reference.

6. E400 Series - Astronomy & Astrology

E400 Astronomy for Astrologers – Bruce Scofield
(self-directed course)
Aveni, Anthony. 1997. Stairways to the Stars: Skywatching in Three Great Ancient Cultures. John Wiley and Sons. ($5.89 – 22.00 Amazon)
Bakich, Michael F. 2000. The Cambridge Planetary Handbook. Cambridge Unv. Press. ($5.00 – 29.95 Amazon)

7. E510 Series Uranian/Symmetrical


E510 Symmetrical Astrology I  - Bruce Scofield
(self-directed course)
Ebertin, Reinhold, 1972, 2000. Combination of Stellar Influences, translated by Roosedale and Kratzsch, AFA, Tempe, AZ. ($21.60 Amazon)
Simms, Maria Kay. 1989, 2001. Dial Detective, Rev. 2nd Edition. Kensington, NH: Cosmic Muse. ($19.95, $21.00 Amazon) 

E510A Introduction to Uranian Astrology - Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
No text required - articles in course site

E513B Uranian Astrology Practicum – Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
No text required

8. E530 Series - Ancient Astrology

E536 Ancient Movement Techniques and Applications - Oner Doser
(self-directed course)
Doser, Oner and Benjamin N Dykes. 2014. Astrological Prediction: A Handbook of Techniques

9. L200 Series Literature


L201A and L201B Astrology in Sacred Literature – Carol Tebbs & Batya Stark
Novak, Phillip, 1994. The World’s Wisdom. Harper San Francisco, (21.95 Amazon new)

10. M100, E300s, E400s - Astrological Underpinnings (Math, Astronomy)

Chart Calculations

M100: Chart Mechanics – Enid Newberg
Fowks, Lauren and Lynn Sellon. 2006. Simply Math. ISBN-13: 978-1724355843. (Amazon paper: $39.95)
Midnight Ephemeris for the 20th Century. Find one that has declinations if possible. You can also use the electronic ephemeris from Astrodienst
Book of Tables. Examples use the Michelsen Book of Tables, but any book of tables for Placidus House system is ok. ( or or use electronic version on Astrodienst

11. PD100-PD200 Series - Professional Development

Professional Development

PD101A Marketing Your Astrology Business with Kimberlee Jones and Janet Mattisen

PD102A  Public Speaking for Astrologers – April Elliot Kent
“Talk Like Ted,” by Carmine Gallo (2014, St. Martin’s Press

PD103A Creating a YouTube Channel -

PD104A Astropreneurship I – Omari Martin

PD104B Astropreneurship II – Omari Martin

PD105A Sun Sign Writing

PD106A Writing for Publications - Alexandra Karacostas and Arlan Wise
On Writing by Stephen King
The Elements of Style by Strunk and White

E550A Vocational Astrology

12. V100-V200 Series - Indian (Vedic) Astrology

Indian (Vedic) Astrology

V101A Mapping Your Destiny: Vedic Astrology for Western Astrologers, Part 1 – Kenneth Miller
DeFouw, Hart & Robert Svoboda. 2003. Light on Life: An Introduction to the Astrology of India. New York: Penguin Books. (kindle $12.74, paperback $9-21 new/used at

V102A Mapping Your Destiny: Vedic Astrology for Western Astrologers, Part 2– Kenneth Miller
Same text as V101A (Light on Life: An Introduction to the Astrology of India)

V120A Jaimimi Astrology – Gary Gomes

V130A Varshaphal (Indian Solar Returns) – Gary Gomes

13. W101-W104 Fundamentals

Fundamentals Series 

W101 Introduction to Astrological Symbolism and Practice - Tamira McGillivray & Donna Young & Enid Newberg
Gillett, Roy. 2011,2012. The Secret Language of Astrology. (paperback $11.99 Amazon)
Obert, Charles. 2015. Introduction to Traditional Natal Astrology: A Complete Working Guide for Modern Astrologers. Minneapolis, MN: Almuten Press. ($19.95 at Amazon or from the author at

W102 Alternate Tools for Interpretation - Carol Tebbs & Donna Young
Burk, Kevin. 2001. Understanding the Birth Chart. Llewellyn Books: St. Paul, MN. (paperback $7.00 – 17.9, kindle $16.88 Amazon)
George, Demetra. 2008. Astrology and the Authentic Self, Ibis Press, Florida. (paperback $20.49 - 24.95 Amazon)
Hand, Robert, 1981. Horoscope Symbols, Para Research, Inc., MA, (kindle or paperback edition $17.50 Amazon)

W103 Building Delineation Skills - Karen McCauley & Inga Thornell with Susie Cox and Ali Gully
Avelar, Helena & Luis Ribiero. 2010. On the Heavenly Spheres. Tempe, AZ: AFA, (new $39.95 at Amazon or American Federation of Astrologers
Geisler, Pat. 2013. Chocolate Sauce. NH: ACS Publications. ($12 at Amazon)
Obert, Charles. 2020. The Classical Seven Planets. Minneapolis, MN: Almuten Press. ($14.95 at or Amazon)

W104 Practicum on Natal Interpretation – Karen McCauley & Inga Thornell
Obert, Charles. 2015. Introduction to Traditional Natal Astrology: A Complete Working Guide for Modern Astrologers. Minneapolis, MN: Almuten Press. ($19.95 at Amazon or ebook from the author as in W101 and W103
Houlding, Deborah. 2006. The Houses, Temples of the Sky. Bournemouth, England: The Wessex Astrologer, Ltd. (kindle $19.91 or paperback $9.61 – 17.45 at Amazon)
Suskin, Rod. 2009 (2011) The Rules of Chart Interpretation.  ISBN-13: 978-1461024590
($12.95 at Amazon)

14. W111 Series - Prediction


W110 Transits, Progressions and Directions - Carol Tebbs & Gloria Scigliano
Brady, Bernadette, 1992. Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark, Samuel Weiser, Inc., York Beach, ME, (kindle $15.99 or paperback $12.89 -$22.92 Amazon)
Doser, Oner. 2015.  Astrological Prediction: A Handbook of Techniques, Cazimi Press, Minneapolis, MN ($24.95 new Amazon)
George, Demetra. 2008. Astrology and the Authentic Self, Ibis Press, Florida. (paperback $20.49 - 24.95 Amazon) as in W102

W111A Introduction to Advanced Predictive Techniques - Carol Tebbs
Doser, Oner. 2015.  Astrological Prediction: A Handbook of Techniques, Cazimi Press, Minneapolis, MN ($24.95 new Amazon) same as in W110
Ebertin, Reinhold 2004 Combination of Stellar Influences, translated by Roosedale and Kratzsch, AFA, Tempe, AZ ($21.60 Amazon new)

W111 B Applying Advanced Predictive Techniques - Carol TebbsText TBA

W111C Mapping Your Life History – Linnea Van Horn
No text required

W111D Introduction to Mundane (CS530) – Omari Martin
No text required

W111F (CS205A) Introduction to Horary – Nina Gryphon
text TBA

W112A Chart Synthesis and Rectification - Carol Tebbs
Dobyns, Zipporah Pottenger. 1975, 2011. Progressions Directions and Rectification, AFA, Tempe, AZ. ($14.95 from AFA, or Amazon)
Tebbs, Carol. 2008.  The Complete Book of Chart Rectification, Llewellyn Publishing, MN. ($31.05 – 34.95 Amazon) OR
Tebbs, Carol. 2022. RECTIFICATION - Verify to Rectify for Accurate Forecasting (PDF $25 )

W113A Practicum on Transits, Progressions and Directions – Kenneth Miller & Tamira McGillivray
No text is required
but recommended are:
Brady, Bernadette, 1992. Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark, Samuel Weiser, York Beach, ME. (kindle $15.99 or paperback $12.89 -$22.92 Amazon) as in W110)
Forrest, Steven. 1998 (2nd Ed). The Changing Sky. ACS: San Diego, CA (Amazon: paper $16.84 – 18.95, Kindle $9.99)

15. WL100 Series Astro*Carto*Graphy / Local Space

Astro*Carto*Graphy and Local Space

WL220 Introduction to Astro*Carto*Graphy – Madalyn Hillis-Dineen & Karen McCauley
Lewis, Jim & Kenneth Irving. 1997, r2012. The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy. London: Penguin Books.

WL221A Astrolocality: Exploring Local Space – Gemini Brett & Tamira McGillivray
Local Space - Relocation AstrologyMichael Erlewine; Startypes, Big Rapids, Michigan; 2007; ISBN 978-0-9798328-3-3 Free e-book online: i

16. WR200 Series - Astrological Counseling & Relationships

Astrological Counseling and Relationships

WR201 Introduction to Astrological Counseling - Karen McCauley & Inga Thornell
Cunningham, Donna. 2014 rev. Counseling Principles for Astrologers: Becoming an Effective Change Agent, Moon Maven Publications. (click here to purchase)
Duncan, Adrian Ross. 2002. Astrology: Transformation and Empowerment. Samuel Weiser. (Kindle $16.19, paperback $2.99 to $29.95 Amazon)
Mulligan, Bob. 2001. Between Astrologers & Clients. Naples,FL: The Astrology Company. (paperback $22, available at or by calling 239.261.2840)

WR202A Children and Temperament – Cornelia Hansen
Arroyo, Stephen. 1975. Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements. CRCS Publications. (new-used $5.40 – 12.97 Amazon)
Hansen, Cornelia. 2019. Kidwheels: Understanding the Child in the Chart. ($11 - 17.50 Amazon)

WR202B Astrology and Family Patterns - Joseph Crane
No text required - articles in the course site
Optional useful reading: 
Cowger, Barry. Reconstructing the Real You. Mercurius Publishing 1992. (Families described as something to escape from)
Gauquelin, Michel. 1966 (1988 English edition). Planetary Heredity. San Diego, CA: ACS Publications, Inc.  (astrological research on patterns that repeat over generations)
Greene, Liz & Howard Sasportas. The Luminaries. York Beach, ME: Samuel Weiser, Inc. 1992.  (Psychological astrology approach, interesting insights)
Greene, Liz & Howard Sasportas.  Chapter - The Parental Marriage and the Horoscope from The Development of Personality. Samuel Weiser Publisher 1987.  (Psychodynamics between parents and their influence on children.)
McGoldrick, Gerson, Petry. Genograms: Assessment and Intervention 3rd Ed. Norton 2008.Sullivan, Erin. 2008. (Wonderful book on generational change and continuity within families)
Sullivan, Erin. The Astrology of Family Dynamics. NY, NY: Penguin.(2008 revision dropped Dynasty from 1996 title, same book) (Uses systems theories mixed with psychological astrology)

WR203A Relationships 101: Attraction and Repulsion - Karen McCauley,
No text required

WR203B Comparison and Composite –
Davison, Ronald. 1983. Synastry. (Amazon $3.99-12,65; AFA, $24.95)
Townley, John. 2000. Composite Charts: The Astrology of Relationships. (Amazon $5.85-29.95)

WR204A Working with Adolescents for Parents and Teachers – Alex Trenoweth
Walsh, David. 2014. Why Do They Act That Way?  ($5.22-17.00 Amazon, kindle $2.99)
Trenoweth, Alex. 2017. Growing Pains (kindle or book from Amazon or autographed copy from author

WR205A Intro to Psychological Astrology - Ali Gully
Arroyo, Stephen 1989. Chart interpretation handbook: Guidelines for understanding the essentials of the birth chart. CRCS Publications. Sebastopol, California. Amazon:
Hamaker-Zondag, Karen 1991. Aspects and personality. Samuel Weiser, Inc. York Beach, Maine. Amazon: $14.95

WR206A Illuminating Relationships – Dorothy Oja