1. Mission & Governance

Mission Statement

As a global educational leader, Kepler is passionate about enhancing the field of astrology in a professional and structured way by developing and offering quality resources for investigation, education, and practical application.

We strive for excellence by applying academic standards and professional ethics to the study of astrology. We aim to transform the modern understanding and value of astrology by presenting the field in its historical, philosophical, and cultural context.


Kepler College is a 501c3 non-profit educational organization. We were incorporated on October 27, 1992 and received our non-profit designation on August 10, 1993. We initially opened as an academic college authorized by the Higher Education Coordinating Board of the State of Washington from March 10, 2000 through March 10, 2012.  

In 2010, we began the development of our Certificate Program which focuses on building astrological expertise. Our Certificate program continues to offer a wide range of educational opportunities for astrologers worldwide.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees provides financial and business oversight to ensure Kepler College maintains its commitment to our Mission. 

Omari Martin, Chair, Board of Trustees
  • Denise Menton, Vice-Chair
  • Joseph Addeo, Secretary
  • Candace Winn, Treasurer
  • Bruce Scofield, Research
  • Gary Gomes, Special projects
  • Dr. William Morris, Special projects

Administrative Council

The Administrative Council provides oversight of Kepler's curriculum design and development, ensuring that our programs meet our high educational standards. It consists of a mix of Instructors and Administration with invited representation from the Board of Trustees. 

Members of the Administrative Council

  • Tamira McGillivray, President
  • Donna Young, Operations Manager
  • Vanessa Lundborg, Faculty
  • Enid Newberg, Faculty
  • Carol Tebbs, Faculty


President: Tamira McGillivray, tamira@keplercollege.org

Letter from the President

Welcome to Kepler’s Certificate Program. In this program, our faculty and administration have taken the best of what we have learned since our incorporation in 1992 and brought it to an exciting online forum for professional education for astrologers.

We want anyone with a desire to learn to get both the practical skills in chart interpretation and a critical appreciation of the underpinnings of their craft. Our teams of instructors have researched the origins and philosophies behind the methodology so you can see and evaluate the approaches of various schools of astrology. They have sifted through books and articles and tested techniques they’ve found in their own practice. Their goal is to bring you clear explanations of how various methods are applied and introduce you to controversies or issues surrounding them.

We are also dedicated to bringing our students a chance to learn astrology within a larger social context. For example, our core faculty for courses in counseling have a background in psychology and/or sociology. Our core business and financial instructors have an MBA and a background in business.  We believe that quality education is the key to a brighter future for astrologers. We hope you will join us to discover the exciting richness of our astrological traditions.