4. Registration: Enrollment and Records

The registrar provides services and advice pertaining to admissions, financial aid, regis­tration, records, status letters, and evaluation revision, available scholarships, advice on academic warnings, etc. Contact the Registrar at registrar@keplercollege.org

Information Center

Students or other interested parties may contact the Information Center at info@keplercollege.org any time throughout the school year. The Information Center has information about:

  • The instructional program.
  • Application, registration, and payment deadlines.
  • Services, activities, and events.
  • Faculty and student contact information.
  • Schedules
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures

Students with Disabilities

The administration looks forward to working with the disabled student to discern and im­ple­ment as many learning options as possible within the restraints of the instructional design, and that does not result in undue finan­cial burdens on Kepler. A student with a disability should contact the Kepler admini­stration if special assistance is required.

The Course Website

  • Provides 24-7 access to the student's courses.
  • Provides study skills and self-help information.
  • Provides online library resources.

Prior Learning Challenge

A Prior Learning challenge lets you challenge one course within a certificate program. In the advanced certificates, you must show you are already comfortable with and understand the information from prior experi­ence or prior study.

For astrological methods, the student can challenge W101 and W102 Astrology Fundamentals through testing. Evidence of NCGR Level II completion or greater, OCA graduation, AFA professional level certification equivalencies will be dealt with on an individual basis. Credit can be given for the Vedic classes offered by ACVA, Chris Brennan’s course in Hellenistic Astrology, and Chart Calculation through IAA or NCGR Level II. An interview may be part of the evaluation process.

The student is responsible for submitting the evaluation paperwork in order to request a challenge.