1. Astrological Fundamentals: Natal Astrology

1.3. W103 Fundamentals III: Building Delineation Skills

Instructors: Karen McCauley, Inga Thornell, Suzie Cox, Ali Gully

Required for the Professional Diploma
Prerequisite: W102 or equivalent

This course focuses on building students' ability to interpret a chart. They add additional techniques to their toolbox which help hone their understanding.

Students will have the benefit of a two-session exposure to the methodology developed by veteran astrologer, Susie Cox. This is a simplistic but powerful, visual, and linguistic approach to chart synthesis. They will also hear a traditional Hellenistic approach used by Ali Gully.

Topics covered include: 

  • Tempo of adjustment
  • Introduction to ethics
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Derivative houses
  • The helm narrative
  • Biology of belief
  • Retrogradation
  • Essential and accidental dignity
  • Profections
  • Aversion
  • Fixed stars
  • Demonstration of traditional and modern approaches to interpretation

By the end of W103 students will have developed an awareness of personal values that could influence or interfere with making accurate chart interpretations. On a regular basis, students will examine techniques to synthesize the astrological symbols to create a coherent interpretation. Along the way, students will explore their own beliefs and filters in order to develop their delineation skills and become aware of additional ethical issues.