1. Astrological Fundamentals: Natal Astrology

1.4. W104 Fundamentals IV: Natal Practicum

Students who have completed this course will receive an extended Fundamentals Certificate.

Instructors: Karen McCauley, Inga Thornell
Required for the Professional Diploma
Prerequisite: W103 or comparable and accepted outside training

In this practicum, students work with various ways to enter and explore natal charts depending on the questions and issues that clients present. This course presents some chart interpretation alternatives available for achieving successful understanding and delineation. 

The main emphasis in this course is live interaction. Students need to participate in live sessions to pass. Instructors attempt to accommodate different time zones to ensure students can fulfill this requirement.

Students will:

  • Have the opportunity to use and improve their critical thinking skills in peer review.
  • Use who, what, where, when, and how questions to identify key issues in the chart.
  • Gain ways to integrate the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant integrating factors in the chart.
  • Be able to use hemisphere, quadrant, and nodal analysis to locate major themes in life.
  • Explore and use methods of identifying potentials in a relationship, employment, and money via the natal chart.