2. Astrological Fundamentals: Movement & Forecasting

2.2. W111A Fundamentals VI: Advanced Predictive Techniques- Ancient to Modern

Primary Instructors: Carol Tebbs, Gloria Scigliano

Required for the Professional Diploma
Prerequisite: A working knowledge of the fundamentals of natal interpretation and synthesis as well as the W110 movement methods.

W111A presents additional predictive techniques that are foundational to our astrological lineage, yet still relevant in modern times for the “full service” astrologer. The ancient Solar Return is just as relevant now as the precision timing of Symmetrical interpretive methods. As well, clients ask astrologers to elect a chart for a special purpose or to assess a world situation, which compels us to reach beyond just natal chart interpretation. This course provides a gateway to the wide array and depth of elective movement courses in the W111 series.

Topics covered include:

  • Traditional Solar and Lunar returns for natal forecasting
  • Derive an Electional Chart for an event
  • Use Synodic Cycles and Cardinal Ingresses for mundane forecasting
  • Apply techniques of Symmetrical Astrology for prediction

 By the end of W111A students will understand the lineage and the controversy of course techniques and apply them effectively to forecast current patterns. They will be able to synthesize the natal chart promise and activation timing into a coherent and meaningful interpretation without relying on outside resources.