3. Astrological Fundamentals: Chart Formation

3.1. M100: Chart Calculation

Instructor: Enid Newberg
Required for the Professional Diploma

The fall term will have live sessions. All other terms are independent study and each student can request an hour of dedicated tutoring.

This course is designed for students intending to take the organizational exams or complete the Professional Diploma.

There is a trade-off in having the benefit of computers to calculate an astrological chart. Chart Calculation gives students a deeper understanding of how the chart relates to the movements of the earth and sky, which aids chart interpretation.

This course initially covers the process of calculating a natal chart. Students will learn to calculate charts from time zones around the world, as well as in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. The second portion of the course adds additional calculation techniques, including the Part of Fortune/Spirit, adjusted calculation date, progressions, directions and solar returns.

Students who need additional assistance may request tutoring.