5. Symmetrical Astrology

5.1. E510 Symmetry in Astrology 1 (Independent Study)

Instructor: Bruce Scofield
Diploma program elective

This course considers a range of astrological techniques that share a common principle – symmetry, which turns out to be quite a few.

A major part of the course will concern itself with an organized set of techniques that are entirely based on the positioning of points and planets at equal distances from each other. These techniques have an ancient pedigree in the form of antisica and parts, but they blossomed in the 20th century as the core principle of the Hamburg School, or Uranian Astrology. This development, surely one of the most important technical developments of the entire century, has had a profound influence on modern astrology in Europe and in the eastern United States. More than half of this course will work directly with Uranian methods and techniques.

By the end of this course, students will have a good understanding of the importance of symmetrical techniques and how they are applied. They will also be able to use the techniques covered to hone their astrological interpretations and obtain more specific information to answer questions by clients.