7. Astrological Heritage

7.5. L201A Astrology in Sacred Literature - Western (5 weeks)

Instructor: Carol Tebbs & Batya Stark 

This sacred literature course explores the shared historical roots of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam through their sacred works. Utilizing the Torah, Bible, and Koran, we will focus on their differences as to man’s relationship to the cosmos and to his maker. The phrase, “As above, so below" has been understood by every astrologer from ancient to modern times. Indeed, the concept has roots in much of the world’s sacred literature. 

We also explore the common belief that the firmament has a correlation to conditions on earth and on mankind through passages from the Jewish Torah, the Christian New Testament, and the Islamic Koran. Each week we consider astrology references in the sacred literature and the related scholarly arguments for natural science as an influence on man.