9. Electives

9.1. CS151A Dignities and Debilities

Instructor: Charles Obert 

Are planets better behaved in some signs than others? In an opposition, what planet is most likely to win the tug of war? Are mutual receptions always nice?   

The key to answer these questions and many more is to understand dignities and debilities. By the end of the course, students will able to interpret the nuances that come from using the power of the full dignity and debility scheme (and know about the variations that exist). They will also be able to show how dignities can provide assistance for a problematic point in the chart. The goal of this class is to show how you can reclaim more of the power and subtlety of this tool.  

Students will explore the full traditional system of essential dignity and debility, and how it can be a powerful tool in modern chart interpretation.  

Student will learn: 

  • the history and etymology of the concepts of dignity and debility  
  • what the different dignities mean, important concepts, and why there are variations  
  • how the meaning and usage of the dignities has changed through history  
  • how to apply major and minor dignities in chart interpretation and how they can be used to determine assistance for problematic areas of the char