10. Alternative Traditions Certificate

This certificate allows students to expand their breadth of exposure to a variety of astrological traditions outside of general modern practice. 30 weeks of coursework are required for this certificate. 

10-week courses: 

E260 Mesoamerican Astrology 
E510 Symmetrical Astrology 
WL220 Astromapping I: Astro*Carto*Graphy (A*C*G) 
V101 Introduction to Vedic 

5-week courses: 

CS153A/W111B The Cycle of the Year: Traditional Predictive Astrology 
CS205A Beginning Horary Astrology 
E513A/B Uranian Astrology 
E536A/W111G Ancient Movement Techniques and Applications 
E540A Mundane Astrology 
V100A Indian Astrology Crash Course 
V110A Vedic Tricks for Western Astrologers (Electional Astrology) 

Additional traditions would include Natural, Shamanic, Chinese, Tibetan, or Gnostic Astrology