7. Astrological Heritage

7.4. E310A The Interplay of Religion and Astrology

Instructor: Kenneth Miller

This course explores the history and development of astrological practice within the nexus of culture and religion. Is astrology a religion as it was developed in Mesopotamia and integrated into ancient Indian faiths? Or is it science as Ptolemy tried to explain in 150 CE?

We will examine the history of astrology paying particular attention to the relationship of culture, religion, and theory in astrological practice. We will explore the role of Belief in astrological meaning and expose the often unconscious religious underpinnings of modern astrological practice. A lot of religious dogma is brought into the consultation room without the conscious perception of the astrologer or client.
This course seeks to make these assumptions conscious by stripping away the dogmatic religious ideology from our everyday practice of astrology. Afterwards, you may wish to add them back into your practice, but at least now they will be conscious decisions enabling you to be a more effective astrologer.
Weekly Topics:
1. The study of religion & the philosophy of science: the religion of astrology’s birth from Mesopotamia to Alexandria to Ujjain.
2. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, & Enlightenment: Religion & critiques of astrology
3. The Reincarnation Revolution: Theosophy vs. Church of Light
4. Spiritual Darwinism and Esoteric Astrology
5. 21st century Spiritual Astrologies & The New Age
Students Will:

• Will identify the workings of religious assumptions in their own practice. 
• Will understand how culture, religion, and science combine into an astrological system.
• Will understand various techniques that spiritualize the astrological chart
• Will have an understanding of the changing concept of The Meaning of Life over time and culture.