9. Electives

9.12. E550A Vocational Astrology

Instructor: William Morris
5-week course
Prerequisites: Learners would benefit from having professional astrology software.

At the end of this course, you will be able to assess a chart for clients in a way that helps them to succeed in the fulfillment of their life’s purpose.

Vocational astrology is the assessment and advisement of the potential work-related and purpose fulfilling features of life. In this process, the cycles of unfolding are used to inform the client – and ourselves – about life direction and timing. This course explores the practice of astrology as it relates to the professions, and as a tool for advisement. At the core is the process of making recommendations for the choice of profession, education, and the variations that take place at different stages of life. Business planning such as incorporation, marketing, and contract signing is included.

This course is vital to those who need to counsel others in their occupational choices and development. In that vein, is the advisement for contracts, business startups, and engagement of marketing plans. The results will improve one’s own skills in the areas of astrology as an occupation. This knowledge is helpful as it provides tools for analyzing business prospects, and missions in a way that helps the presentation of the brand in a market place. Success in the professions is composed of skills that are not limited to the knowledge and excellence required for practice. They include the business components and the very essential feature of psycho-social intelligence. We will explore these features in terms of advising clients on the development of social intelligence, personal mission, practical concerns of engagement with business success, and lastly the freedom to enjoy life.

The idea of occupation as the right livelihood takes place in the context of the earth houses. And it is the condition of these houses which becomes the most fundamental feature of the astrological conditions that speak to the occupation of the native. Having said this, each house has an occupational feature unto itself. After taking this course, your ability to counsel others in the selection of occupation will improve. You will be able to assist yourself and others relative to timing the cycles of rising and fall in the professions. Most important will be the solace you can provide for those who are at a new ‘crossroads’ in their lives.

The background necessary to succeed in this class is the fundamentals of planets, signs, houses, aspects, and the ability to have transits for a person in hand.