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Some courses require additional books or other materials. Please check this list using the course number to check the course you are interested in. 

7. E510 Series Uranian/Symmetrical


E510 Symmetrical Astrology I  - Bruce Scofield
(self-directed course)
Ebertin, Reinhold, 1972, 2000. Combination of Stellar Influences, translated by Roosedale and Kratzsch, AFA, Tempe, AZ. ($21.60 Amazon)
Simms, Maria Kay. 1989, 2001. Dial Detective, Rev. 2nd Edition. Kensington, NH: Cosmic Muse. ($19.95, $21.00 Amazon) 

E510A Introduction to Uranian Astrology - Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
No text required - articles in course site

E513B Uranian Astrology Practicum – Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
No text required