16. WR200 Series - Astrological Counseling & Relationships

Astrological Counseling and Relationships

WR201 Introduction to Astrological Counseling - Karen McCauley & Inga Thornell
Cunningham, Donna. 2014 rev. Counseling Principles for Astrologers: Becoming an Effective Change Agent, Moon Maven Publications. (click here to purchase)
Duncan, Adrian Ross. 2002. Astrology: Transformation and Empowerment. Samuel Weiser. (Kindle $16.19, paperback $2.99 to $29.95 Amazon)
Mulligan, Bob. 2001. Between Astrologers & Clients. Naples,FL: The Astrology Company. (paperback $22, available at theastrologycompany.com or by calling 239.261.2840)

WR202A Children and Temperament – Cornelia Hansen
Arroyo, Stephen. 1975. Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements. CRCS Publications. (new-used $5.40 – 12.97 Amazon)
Hansen, Cornelia. 2019. Kidwheels: Understanding the Child in the Chart. ($11 - 17.50 Amazon)

WR202B Astrology and Family Patterns - Joseph Crane
No text required - articles in the course site
Optional useful reading: 
Cowger, Barry. Reconstructing the Real You. Mercurius Publishing 1992. (Families described as something to escape from)
Gauquelin, Michel. 1966 (1988 English edition). Planetary Heredity. San Diego, CA: ACS Publications, Inc.  (astrological research on patterns that repeat over generations)
Greene, Liz & Howard Sasportas. The Luminaries. York Beach, ME: Samuel Weiser, Inc. 1992.  (Psychological astrology approach, interesting insights)
Greene, Liz & Howard Sasportas.  Chapter - The Parental Marriage and the Horoscope from The Development of Personality. Samuel Weiser Publisher 1987.  (Psychodynamics between parents and their influence on children.)
McGoldrick, Gerson, Petry. Genograms: Assessment and Intervention 3rd Ed. Norton 2008.Sullivan, Erin. 2008. (Wonderful book on generational change and continuity within families)
Sullivan, Erin. The Astrology of Family Dynamics. NY, NY: Penguin.(2008 revision dropped Dynasty from 1996 title, same book) (Uses systems theories mixed with psychological astrology)

WR203A Relationships 101: Attraction and Repulsion - Karen McCauley,
No text required

WR203B Comparison and Composite –
Davison, Ronald. 1983. Synastry. (Amazon $3.99-12,65; AFA, astrologers.com $24.95)
Townley, John. 2000. Composite Charts: The Astrology of Relationships. (Amazon $5.85-29.95)

WR204A Working with Adolescents for Parents and Teachers – Alex Trenoweth
Walsh, David. 2014. Why Do They Act That Way?  ($5.22-17.00 Amazon, kindle $2.99)
Trenoweth, Alex. 2017. Growing Pains (kindle or book from Amazon or autographed copy from author alextrenoweth.co.uk)

WR205A Intro to Psychological Astrology - Ali Gully
Arroyo, Stephen 1989. Chart interpretation handbook: Guidelines for understanding the essentials of the birth chart. CRCS Publications. Sebastopol, California. Amazon:
Hamaker-Zondag, Karen 1991. Aspects and personality. Samuel Weiser, Inc. York Beach, Maine. Amazon: $14.95

WR206A Illuminating Relationships – Dorothy Oja