Books & other materials that you need for your course

Some courses require additional books or other materials. Please check this list using the course number to check the course you are interested in. 

11. PD100-PD200 Series - Professional Development

Professional Development

PD101A Marketing Your Astrology Business with Kimberlee Jones and Janet Mattisen

PD102A  Public Speaking for Astrologers – April Elliot Kent
“Talk Like Ted,” by Carmine Gallo (2014, St. Martin’s Press

PD103A Creating a YouTube Channel -

PD104A Astropreneurship I – Omari Martin

PD104B Astropreneurship II – Omari Martin

PD105A Sun Sign Writing

PD106A Writing for Publications - Alexandra Karacostas and Arlan Wise

E550A Vocational Astrology