Robert Glasscock's practicums use "astrology's most successful predictive system" (Solar Arcs) to analyze and forecast developments and events in this historic American epoch leading up to the 2020 elections and now - beyond.

This 6-week workshop is for students of astrology who know the basics but have trouble with interpretation. By the end, students will have learned a range of techniques and methods that will assist them in bringing the generalities of astrological symbolism to an insightful delineation for a specific individual - without having to rely on anyone else's interpretation.

Students will learn a simple but powerful methodology to gain a deeper understanding of the core meanings of the planets, signs, houses and aspects. These basics are stripped to their core to understand how they are structured, how they are interrelated, and how they reflect the wholeness of an individual and their life. 

Interpretation practice begins by using general patterns formed by the chart as a whole, including distribution of element and mode, dispositor patterns, Marc Edmund Jones patterns, and hemisphere and quadrant emphasis. 

In the next step, students learn to build additional layers of meaning by adding specific planetary connections based on dispositors, major aspects, and the major dignities and debilities. 

Prerequisites: Students should have memorized the glyphs and basic meanings for the planets, signs, and houses. They should also be familiar with the element and mode of the signs, the planets that rule each sign, and the major aspects.

Features:  This course is six weeks. Students will have a 2-hour live Zoom session each week. Students are also encouraged to participate in the optional online discussions and take the quizzes to help with their learning. If students want additional personalized feedback, they have the option to complete homework assignments and/or the final test.  Students who want to apply their learning to Kepler's Certificate Program and go directly into W102 need to pass the final test. 

For anyone who seeks to understand the mysterious threads of relationship. 

Relationships are complex, magical, mysterious, and intricate or frustrating even all at the same time, we can likely agree! Astrology, however, gives us a compelling advantage in understanding the unique dynamics between two people in any type of relationship. If you have or even if you have not used the Davison Relationship Chart previously, this presentation illuminates both the basics of the technique and some key finer points of analysis. The Davison chart is an indispensable tool for anyone seeking to unravel the mysterious threads of relationship synergy. Dorothy calls the Davison Chart, “The Birthday of the Relationship.” She has lectured on this technique for over 25 years.

February 5 - Winter solstice/Imbolc quadrant- Capricorn Aquarius Pisces - development of the transpersonal: government, social order, the empathic & psychedelic relationship to all existence.

In each class we will talk about the history and traditions associated with each ancient power day, and take a deeper look at each sign as part of the journey, with both a traditional and Evolutionary perspective.

We will also talk about the history and ways to honor and celebrate the cross-quarter days in the modern world.

Welcome to the 12th of 12 workshops where we are going to explore each astrological sign from a holistic and embodied perspective. We will explore the various components that make Pisces what it is, as a sign energetically, the main significations, how Pisces reflects in seasons, tastes, organ systems, and emotional and psychological states. We will also break down how to view Pisces from outside of the conditioned norms of the culture we exist within in order to access the essence of Pisces. In this and every workshop, we will be introducing very simple and safe practices that aid in bringing the experience of Pisces more into our bodies or relieving us of the more difficult experiences that Pisces can bring. Be ready to deepen and broaden your perspective and direct experience of what Pisces is.

We live in a world where ageing is a key challenge. On the one hand we are encouraged to reinvent and challenges ourselves in order to stay relevant and attractive, which can feel overly demanding. On the other hand, we cannot deny that our life on earth is limited. This conflict is represented by Saturn, the ruler of time. Saturn returns initiate the next trimester in life and demand that we take stock. When the ruler of time comes back to his birth chart position, he demands a proper revaluation of how we deal with Saturn’s sign, aspects and house. Martin will shed light on the three stages of Saturnian self-growth inhibition, compensation and integration. This can be a daunting challenge, for sure. But also, a great opportunity to deal with ourselves in a more mature and responsible way. 

• The challenges of Aging

• How to embrace the next trimester in your life

• How to manage the three stages of Saturnian self-growth 

Astrology for Beginners

Astrology can lead you to a deeply satisfying depth of personal self-knowledge and self-development far beyond your astrological birthday sign. 

You can dive deeper into understanding yourself, family, friends, and eventually clients if you want to develop a professional practice. Take this first step into learning the basics of astrology. 

This introductory course covers signs, planets, and houses. You will receive professional level astrology training through video classes and live practice sessions throughout the course.

This class is perfect for newbies to astrology. Take this first step toward learning the fascinating intricacies of astrology and register. 

You have six months to complete this course at your own pace. This course will prepare you to pass the placement assessment and enter one of Kepler's Certificate Courses or the Diploma program.

All Kepler courses, workshops, and programs are taught by experienced professional astrologers.