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  • Teacher: Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
Category: Groups
5-Week Workshop Begins Wednesday, May 19, 20215:30-7:30 pm Pacific Time (8:30 pm-10:30 pm Eastern) Robert Glasscock's practicums use "astrology's most successful predictive system" (Solar Arcs) to analyze and forecast developments and events in this historic American epoch leading up to t…
  • Board member: Joseph Addeo
  • Board member: Omari Martin
  • Board member: Denise Menton
  • Board member: Candace Winn
Category: Groups

Resource for the Kepler College Board of Trustees
  • Organizer: Tamira McGillivray (She/Her)
  • Organizer: Donna Young (she/her)
Category: Groups

This is the discussion and brainstorming location for development of an esoteric studies program.
  • Facilitator: Inga Thornell (she/her)
Category: Groups
Greetings Everyone! We are revitalizing the Kepler Research Group. Recent changes in our schedule - dates and times - hopefully make our group a more attractive option in your monthly calendar to join us. We are a group with diverse astrological interests and are open to fresh and new perspectives …
  • Teacher: Karen McCauley (she/her)
  • Teacher: Tamira McGillivray (She/Her)
  • Teacher: Enid Newberg
  • Teacher: Carol Tebbs
  • Teacher: Donna Young (she/her)
Category: Groups