Course description:

Traditional astrology offers a particularly effective system of forecasting that combines techniques to help you prepare for the future and understand the past.

 This system is known as the Cycle or Turning of the Year. Instead of just using a Solar Return, this method was prepared yearly for each birthday. It has its roots in Hellenistic astrology, came to full flower in the Arabic and Persian eras, and persisted through the late Classical period of Lilly and his contemporaries. Ben Dykes' translation of Abu Mashar's On Solar Revolutions in Persian Nativities3 is a full exposition of this system.

 This course covers the three techniques involved in this system:

 distribution through the bounds or terms (aka primary direction)


solar returns

Required books can be found under the Electives-Classical section of

Using clear explanations, examples, and exercises, Charlie will initially show students how to apply each technique individually and then practice putting them all together. Students will then practice using them in combination with traditional techniques for evaluating a chart.

Students meet in a live online session for 2 hours each week and will be able to download a copy of the recorded lecture. But we also want to make sure you can apply what you are learning. So, in addition to the lectures, students will have a course website that includes additional resources, discussion forums, and many opportunities to practice the material with feedback from fellow students and the instructor.

Students in the Diploma program who successfully pass this workshop can count it as 1/2 an elective.

Course name:  CS153A The Cycle of the Year: Predictive Astrology

Instructor: Charlie Obert

Course length: 5 Weeks

Course cost:  $ 295

Required Books:

The Cycle of the Year: Traditional Predictive Astrology Charles Obert: Found through for pdf or physical copy.

Pre-requisite: fundamentals or equivalent.

This counts towards the Professional diploma, and/or Movement Certificate.  

Weekly topics:

1.    Introduction and Solar Returns

2.    Profections

3.    Direction Through the Bounds

4.    Using the Techniques Together

5.    Fixed Stars, Lunar Mansions, and the Guardian Daimon

Instructor bio:

Charlie Obert is a student of astrology since high school and has studied and practiced both modern and traditional astrology techniques. He teaches workshops and leads study groups on traditional astrology. Charlie is the author of An Introduction to Traditional Natal Astrology and Using Dignities in Astrology, which are currently being used as textbooks at Kepler College. His teachers included Dr. Benjamin Dykes and Chris Brennan.

Charlie's current focus is working on how traditional and modern astrologers can complement and learn from each other. He has a twice-monthly blog on astrology topics on his website at

Charlie is an instructor in:

CS151A Dignities and Debilities

CS153A The Cycle of the Year: Traditional Predictive Astrology