2. Astrological Fundamentals: Prediction

2.1. W110 Fundamentals V: Predicting Major Life Circumstances - Flowering of the Natal Chart Promise

Instructors: Carol Tebbs, Gloria Scigliano
Required for the Professional Diploma
Prerequisite: Working knowledge of the fundamentals of natal chart interpretation and synthesis, including moon phases and declination. 

Knowing what is promised in the natal chart is just the beginning. Knowing when that promise is activated and to what extent completes the interpretation. This course presents modern techniques that time the symbolic and actual planetary movement for interpreting current life issues. Students layer several predictive techniques for confirmation. The timing of chart activation is a “bread and butter” skill for the consulting astrologer because almost always, the client comes for guidance on a current situation or issue.

Topics covered include:

  • Solar and Lunar Eclipse interpretation
  • Outer Planet Transits and Inner Planet Stations for prediction
  • Solar Arc Directions to forecast the year
  • Test Secondary, Tertiary, and Minor Progressions for current patterns
  • Progressed Moon Phases, with Progressed New and Full Moon Periods
  • Apply Movement techniques to the Relocated Chart
  • Test Progressed Lifetime Declination as a predictive tool

Upon completion of W110 students will understand the lineage and controversy of course techniques and apply them effectively to forecast current patterns. They will be able to synthesize the natal chart promise and the activation timing into a coherent and meaningful interpretation without relying on outside resources.