6. Astromapping

6.2. WL221A Astromapping II: The Astrology of Local Space (5 weeks)

Instructor: Tamira McGillivray and Gemini Brett  
Diploma program elective 

When you can’t travel to the best location ... bring the best location to you! 

While Astro*Carto*Graphy examines the interaction of the natal chart and planetary lines of influence across the globe, local space astrology brings the focus close to home.   

This course provides students with astrological tools that can enhance their life by directly working with their personal local landscape. Students will learn practical local space techniques for their home or work (similar to Feng Shui). Combining local space with the natal chart, transits, progressions, solar returns, and solar arcs can lead to innovative methods of enhancing or balancing one’s own local space to create a harmonious and supportive personal environment.