2. Overview

2.1. Quick Facts

Kepler offers three types of learning opportunities: courses, webinars, and workshops. Only courses are interactive, provide feedback and evaluation, and count towards certificates and diplomas. Most workshops are interactive but do not provide evaluation. Webinars are essentially lectures and passive learning. All live sessions are recorded and available for review.

Qualifying Courses (the Certificate and Diploma Program)

All courses provide an opportunity to delve intensively into a topic area as well as multiple opportunities to develop skill, confidence and professional competence.

Our classes have regular online meetings plus a course site filled with articles, AV materials, and useful web connections. Students test their knowledge through quizzes, graded assignments, and online discussion.

We encourage students to develop lasting astrological fellowships as they interact with classmates.

Certificate courses are open to everyone.

  • Credit courses are either five or ten weeks in length. We also have some self-paced courses that students can take at any time.
  • Our courses provide an intensive, in-depth exploration of the material and regular instructor feedback.
  • Courses include homework and for-credit students should expect to spend between 8-12 hours per week working on course materials and attending online meetings.
  • Each course has an online course site with an outline of the weekly objectives and lecture notes. Also included are additional resources such as presentations, audio-visual resources, discussion forums, supplemental readings, quizzes, and more.
  • In all courses, students receive feedback and their work is evaluated. For credit, a student must successfully complete the required material (generally a grade of 70% to 75% or above on the assignments and participation in the discussions). They will receive a certificate acknowledging their accomplishment. Most certificates require successful completion of 30 weeks of courses.

  • Students who have taken or wish to take a course outside of Kepler to apply to this certificate should contact the Kepler office to help determine whether or how that course might be accepted.
Supplemental Materials: In some certificates, there are supplemental courses or a library of supplemental materials available only to enrolled students. Unless specifically designated by the instructor, this material is not required but can be explored as desired for the student’s enjoyment and self-development.