5. Tuition Overview

  • To enroll in courses and workshops, all you need to do is sign up and pay. 
  • Just like workshops, the for-credit courses are available for anyone to enroll. Students do not have to decide ahead of time whether or not they are going to complete the course for credit or if they are interested in earning a Certificate or Diploma. 
  • The College tracks each student’s progress and someone is always available to help if you want assistance in deciding your path.
  • Please note that a five-percent early bird discount is available for Certificate and Diploma courses if you enroll two weeks prior to the term start date. 
  • Tuition may be paid by check, money order, Visa or MasterCard. Full tuition is expected on or before the registration deadline each term. 



  • You must have an active email account and be familiar with sending and receiving emails.
  • The Registrar must have your current e-mail address when you register AND when­ever you change to a new email address.


Costs for Webinars and Workshops:

Monthly community webinars: free – donations requested
Short workshops range from $29 to $100
Workshops that cover multiple weeks range from $100 to $295

Costs for Certificate for-credit Courses


  • One-time enrollment fee = $40
  • Books: $0 to $60 per course
  • Software: Most courses do not require personal astrological software. The more advanced courses on symmetrical astrology require Nova Chart Wheels.  Because we have an arrangement with Astrolabe, students receive a 50% discount on this software.
  • Return Check Fee: There is a $25 charge plus collection costs for each returned check. After receiving two returned checks, the college may require that all future transactions be made by certified bank check or cleared electronically prior to the start of a course.

Tuition Costs

For each week of instruction in the certificate course, students should expect at least 8 hours of student time to attend any live sessions and complete the reading and homework. 

  • Individual certificate course: 10 weeks = $585.00 (approximately ; 5 weeks = $295.00
  • Individual certificate (30 weeks, 9 months) = maximum $1770.00
  • Professional Diploma in Astrology (12 courses plus chart calculation) = maximum approximately $7195.00
  • Advanced Professional Diploma in Astrology = 6 additional certificate courses = maximum $3,510
  • M100 Chart Calculation $175

Transfer of Credit fee: $50 for each evaluation request
Challenge fee: $50 for each test submitted