6. Kepler College Certificates

Requirements for Completion

To earn a certificate or a diploma, the student must complete the prescribed curriculum, earn a passing grade, and satisfactorily discharge all financial obligations for their program.

Certificates consist of 2 or 3 courses that allow a student to delve deeper into a subject area. An advanced certificate adds a 4th course consisting of a practicum to refine the student's skills.

Available Certificates

Students new to astrology generally begin with the four natal studies courses (W101, W102, W103, and W104) in the certificate
Astrological Fundamentals: Natal Astrology. This gives them the tools they need to analyze a natal chart and provide a clear interpretation. The first three courses give students a solid understanding the natal chart. The final course is a practicum that focuses on the types of questions regularly encountered with clients. These four courses are also required for the Professional Diploma in Astrology. 

Most students continue by taking the first two (W110 and W111A) of the courses in the Movement and Prediction Certificate. These two courses allow students to better understand the rhythms of a lifetime through an analysis of transits, progressions, directions, and more. These courses are required for the Movement & Forecasting Certificate as well as for the Professional Diploma. Students who continue with the Certificate will take an additional 15 weeks of study. At this point, students can expand their astrological studies in a direction that interests them, or go on to complete the Professional Diploma