8. Kepler Advanced Professional Diploma in Astrology (KAPDA)

The Advanced Professional Diploma in Astrology offers the student the opportunity to build their skills through (1) expansion of knowledge about astrology’s development, (2) further development of astrological skills, (3) understanding what is required for professional practice; and (4) a demonstration of knowledge.  

Pre-requisite: Completion of basic diploma, or a demonstration of equivalent knowledge and permission of administration 

Required: 60 weeks of additional courses (a mix of 5 or 10-week courses). Independent study in a specific area of astrology can be substituted for up to 20 weeks (consult with the administration if you are interested in this option). 

  • At least 20 weeks of additional liberal arts courses in Literature or the Arts, Eastern and/or Western philosophy, systems theory, mythology, philosophy, or Esoteric studies. 
  • At least 10 weeks in the practical application of astrological techniques & methods (forecasting, advanced interpretation) 
  • Up to 20 additional weeks of electives 
  • At least 5 weeks in business and/or marketing for professional practice 
  • 5 weeks advanced practicum/mentorship. 

The Final Demonstration of Learning can include: 

  • Publication of a non-opinion or straight expository written article or video presentation (YouTube, Vimeo or another provider) 
  • Recording of a professional speaking engagement  
  • Presentation of a Kepler webinar 
  • Presentation/lecture in a Kepler class 
  • Joint project with a Kepler instructor 
  • Facilitator for a Kepler study group  
  • Defined qualitative or quantitative research project 
  • Or other tangible demonstration of learning 
  • NOTE: Independent study in a specific area of astrology that culminates in a book, research presentation, or successful completion of an external intensive training course can be substituted for up to 20 weeks. The student must have pre-approval by a faculty sponsor.