1. Mission & Governance

1.1. Affiliations and Equivalents


The Kepler Certificate Program is an approved school with ISAR, the International Society of Astrological Research.

ISAR supports and recommends schools of astrology all over the world whose curriculum enables students of astrology to raise their knowledge to the high standards necessary to become an ISAR CAP (Certificate of Astrological Proficiency). Kepler College is currently an affiliate of ISAR and their graduated students fulfill the main requirements for testing for the ISAR CAP.


As of January 2012, the NCGR-PAA Board has unanimously approved acceptance of Kepler's Certificate Program into their Equivalency Program. 

Those students completing the Kepler Certificate Program must take NCGR-PAA's Level IV exam in order to earn NCGR-PAA Level IV certification.  They are exempt from taking Levels I, II, and III.