3. Considering Online Education

Many students want to be able to learn in an environment that maximizes flexibility: whether in terms of time or in terms of place. The Certificate Program's online structure gives students the flexibility to schedule when and where they pursue their studies.

Our purpose of the certificate program is to create the breadth of knowledge necessary for students to become and grow as astrological professionals. This means we will offer not only a breadth of knowledge about astrological techniques, but the skills to become effect­ive practitioners, including business and technology skills and an understanding of human behavior to enable the astrologer to be sensitive to client needs and ethical considerations.

Our courses are designed to foster:

  • Knowledge and Understanding
  • Personal Growth
  • Communication skills
  • Critical Thinking skills
  • Technology Skills

Course Design

Students fulfill their course requirements through reading, various types of assignments, writing, researching, and participating in online discussion forums as well as live interactions via the Internet. Central to the learning experience is collaborative learning relationships with both faculty and fellow students. Most courses will have both written materials as well as audio or audio-visual lectures available online.

Students and faculty will be in regular communication with each other via a secure internet course site, by e-mail, and through web conferencing.

Learning objectives, topic overviews, assignments, and other information for each course are posted online. Presentations, papers, or other demonstrations of learning may be required which cover selected areas of study. Research projects may also be required.