3. Considering Online Education

3.3. Software Requirements

Software for assignments

  • A word processor that can read and write .RTF files and read and write .DOC files
  • Presentation software such as PowerPoint, Google Docs presentation, OpenOffice or LibreOffice Impress.
  • A presentation program that can read or write to the MS Powerpoint .ppt format
  • Optional: A spreadsheet program that can read or write to the MS Excel .xls format
  • The ability to view video files in an .MP4 format and listen to files in an .MP3 format.

Free Software Alternatives

We do ask that assignments be saved in a Word .doc format to ensure the instructor can open and mark your work. If you do not have Microsoft Office software, there are plenty of free alternatives that you can use.  

  • LibreOffice: This excellent open-source software is similar to Microsoft Office and includes Writer (equivalent to Word), Calc (equivalent to Excel), and Impress (equivalent to PowerPoint). It will read and write MS Office documents and understands .doc, .rtf, .xls and .ppt file formats. For more information, visit http://www.libreoffice.org/

  • Google Docs: If you have email using gmail, you have access to Google Docs, which has free online office software (including equivalents to Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

  • Microsoft Office Online (free edition). This is a limited version of the Microsoft Office Suite and provides good basic functionality.

Astrological Software

You do not need to purchase astrological software for most courses. Free astrological software sufficient for most course assignments is available on a number of websites, including:

Course Exceptions 

  • Software similar to Jigsaw, Solar Fire, or Sirius will make your studies easier in W112A and W112B Rectification.
  • You will need Nova Chart Wheels in advanced Symmetrical / Uranian Astrology courses (you will receive a 1/2 price discount on Nova Chart Wheels when you enroll in the course).