2. Astrological Fundamentals: Movement & Forecasting

Prerequisite: A solid working knowledge of the fundamentals of natal chart interpretation.

Interpreting the natal chart is only part of a person’s story; the movement of planetary cycles reveals when the natal promise is activated. Layering several predictive techniques confirms timing. 

The movement courses range from ancient to modern techniques for interpreting actual and symbolic planetary movement to unfold the past and forecast the present and future. Students explore the advantages and disadvantages of forecasting techniques in astrology’s historical traditions to choose a path that best serves their interpretive outlook and their client’s needs. In addition to weekly homework practice and discussion board participation, live chat sessions focus on interactive participation between teacher(s) and students. Student presentations are often a “demonstration of learning” featured in the required movement courses.

By the end of this certificate, students will effectively:

  • Compare the strengths and weaknesses of various predictive timing techniques and select those preferred for regular use.
  • Practice layering several movement techniques to confirm the timing of what is activated in the natal chart, to what extent, and for how long.
  • Apply appropriate criteria for selecting the movement technique(s) for the interpretive scope and need.
  • Demonstrate interpretive skill in forecasting the timing of the situation or issue activated in the natal chart and its potential for a positive outcome.

Diploma requirements: W110 and W111A, W112A or W113A

Certificate requirements: W110 and W111A, W112A or W113A and an additional 10 weeks from the list below.

Extended Certificate requirements: W110 and W111A, W112A or W113A and an additional 20 weeks from the list below.

  • W111B (CS153A) Cycle of the Year: Predictive Astrology
  • W111C Mapping Your Life History
  • W111D Mundane Methods
  • W111E Electional Methods
  • W111F Horary Methods
  • W111G (CS536A) Ancient Predictive Techniques and Applications
  • W112B 24-hour Rectification Practicum – finding birth time
  • W113B Advanced Professional Practicum – tips and tricks for consulting with clients
  • V110A When All Else Fails (Muhurta) - Indian Electional astrology