2. Astrological Fundamentals: Movement & Forecasting

2.4. W113A Practicum: Applied Forecasting in the Client Session- How to Respond to Common Client Questions

Instructors: Kenneth Miller, Tamira McGillivray
W112A or W113A Required for the Professional Diploma

prerequisite: W110 or proof of equivalent training

Many who work with transits, progressions, directions or other methods of moving the chart in time find it difficult to synthesize all the different factors or choose the right tool to answer a specific question. This course provides practice in chart interpretation and synthesis to understand unfolding chart themes and life events and to identify future significant times in a native’s life.

Students will use techniques such as transits, progressions, directions, returns, eclipses, moon phases, relocation, lifetime declinations, sign changes, and other techniques learned in W110 and W111. For their final, students will provide a cold-reading for a volunteer client.

Students will practice

  • Responding to the most common client questions and issues, including
    • Relationship status
    • Career situation
    • Financial concerns
    • Health issues
    • Family concerns
  • Electing the date and time for an important event