4. Counseling and Relationships

This certificate introduces astrological counseling as a profession and
the ethical, psychological, and communication issues involved in becoming a successful interpreter and practitioner.

By the end of this certificate, students will know how to locate various
relationships, contact needs, and abilities in the natal chart. They will
exhibit communication skills that contribute to effective counseling. They will be able to solve ethical dilemmas and differentiate Astro-consulting from other healing and helping modalities. They will be able to focus on specific areas of inquiry raised by the client and deliver helpful information using effective non-astrological language. They will be familiar with using comparisons and composites in evaluating relationships.

WR201 Astrological Counseling is required for the Professional Diploma. The Certificate requires 20 additional weeks from the courses listed below:

  • WR202A Working with Parents and Children
  • WR202B Astrology and Family Patterns
  • WR203A  Relating 101 - Start to Finish
  • WR203B Comparisons and Composites
  • WR204A Astrology and Adolescents for Parents and Teachers
  • WR205A Introduction Jungian to Psychological Astrology