4. Counseling and Relationships

4.2. WR202A Working with Parents and Children

Instructor: Cornelia Hansen
5-week course

Based on a lifetime of work in the fields of astrology and child development, Cornelia has developed a new and effective approach that combines the ancient origins of astrological temperament and modern child development concepts.​

These are concepts that can be applied to any age.

Temperament is present at birth and the class is built around the first two years of development. However, temperament remains over time, so the concept can also be used for older children and adults because it describes the behavioral style of the individual. It's useful for understanding the interaction of couples, between family members, between parents and children, and even in the workplace with co-workers. 

This course helps the astrologer understand the fit between a child and their physical and social environment and how that aids the astrologer's interpretation. The course covers:

  • How analyzing and interpreting a child's chart differs from an adult's.
  • What are temperamental "types" and their characteristics? 
  • What parenting strategies will effectively meet the child's individual needs? 
  • How does the astrologer counsel parents in a way that promotes positive developmental progress? 
  • The lifelong influences and effects of temperament on behavior.
  • Possible uses of temperament information in making comparisons among both children and adults plus applications for couple’s counseling. 

"...Parents ask astrologers to read their children's charts.  How can we provide helpful insight without delving too deep into predictive language that might cause undue concern?  That's what your class helped me do!  Temperament provides a safe terrain to assist parents in better understanding their children.  At least that's what it helped me do."  R.B. Fall 2017