7. Astrological Heritage

7.1. E300 Astrological Heritage: The History (independent study - 10 weeks)

Instructor: Inga Thornell  
Required for diploma program.  
Prerequisites: none 

This course starts with the beginning of recorded astrology. It explores the major periods from Mesopotamia to the European Renaissance and the contributions of each. It surveys of the historical periods incorporating astrologically significant events and discoveries. 

Students will learn 

  • Significant international history and major astrological discoveries from Mesopotamia through the Renaissance  
  • Development of critical thinking in choosing sources and creating citations 
  • Topics such as the origins of science and philosophy, Christianity, Islam, Hellenophilia, Orientalism, Scholasticism, and Humanism. 

Student outcomes:  

  • Understand how astrology fits into the cultural milieu of each sequential historical period.  
  • Awareness of geographical and historical periods. 
  • Appreciation of current cultural beliefs influencing astrology. 
  • Developing a framework for understanding the totality of astrology