7. Astrological Heritage

7.6. L201B Astrology in Sacred Literature - Eastern (5 weeks)

Instructor: Carol Tebbs & Batya Stark 

This sacred literature course explores works from the East that describe the acceptance of a relationship between the cosmos and life on earth. Students are introduced to common themes found in selections from the literature of three major Eastern religions: Hinduism via The Rig Veda, Upanishads, Bhagavad-Gita, and Ramayana; Buddhism via The Wheel of Life (story of Siddhartha), and Dhammapada; Confucianism via the Analects,  I-Ching, and Tao Te-Ching (an off-shoot of Confucianism). Students will compare the sacred works according to themes such as creation, life challenges, the fall of man, divine punishment, the rewards of virtue, and the power of love.  

L201A or L201B may be taken for expanding cultural understanding OR as an elective for the Diploma program, which will also count toward a certificate in Astrological Heritage OR Multi-Cultural Traditions.