8. Indian Astrology Certificate

Kepler College is evolving a series of courses in Indian (Vedic) Astrology. Indian astrology has a rich, long, and unbroken tradition to draw from. It is the only astrology system to be fully dialed into its native culture and practiced continuously since its development. By completing the requirements for this certificate the student will know how to read a natal chart and be able to make helpful predictions for a client. 20 weeks of classes are required. Classes in Indian Astrology also qualify for the Alternative Traditions Certificate. 

Required Classes: 

V100A Crash Course OR V101A Intro to Vedic Astrology Part 1 (5 weeks)  
V101B Intro to Vedic Astrology, Part 2 (5 Weeks) 
And 10 additional weeks from the following classes: 

V102A Advanced Shadbala (Strength & Dignity) (5 weeks)  
V110A Muhurta: Vedic Electional Astrology (5 Weeks)  
V120A Jaimini Astrology (5 Weeks) 
V130A Varshaphal (Indian Solar Return) (5 Weeks) 
V140A Advanced Predictive Methods: Bhrigu Astrology (5 Weeks) 
V141A Advanced Gochara (Transit) Analysis (5 weeks) 
V150A Remedial Measures for Indian Astrologers (5 Weeks) 
V150B Advanced Remedial Measures (5 Weeks) 
V190A Practicum: Indian Astrology in a Client setting (5 weeks)  
V191A Practicum: Remedial Measures in a Client Setting (5 weeks) 
E311A/V200A History of Indian Astrology 2021bce-2021ce (5 Weeks) 
E550A/V210A A History of Fate, Karma, & Astrology (5 Weeks)