8. Indian Astrology Certificate

8.1. V100A Crash Course in Indian Astrology (5 weeks)

Instructor: Kenneth Miller 
Required for the diploma program. 

In this innovative course, you will learn to do more with less as we focus on the essential features of Indian Astrology that will allow you, the motivated student, to begin reading charts in only 5 weeks. 

Imagine if there was a way to access the details of your life-script (your karma). You could gain understanding of your life purpose, know when to seize the opportunity, and have the foreknowledge to remediate difficult circumstances. This is the power of Jyotish, the traditional astrology of India. 

In this class Kenneth D. Miller, MA will lead you to an understanding of the concepts and practice of Indian astrology and how it can play a healing role in our lives. 

  • Learn the differences between Western and Indian Astrology. They are complementary systems of understanding Life. If you are a Western astrologer, you will learn a method that will allow you to maintain the integrity of each system. 
  • Learn how the planets are understood as intelligences, and how you can develop relationships with these intelligences to benefit every aspect of your life. 
  • Learn how the birth chart is a blue print to the karma you were born with and how to improve your life choices. 
  • Hear astrological mythology that makes learning the concepts easy. 


  • Week One: Everything you need to know (Planets, Houses, Signs) 
  • Week Two: Dignity and Strength 
  • Week Three: How to read a Natal Chart 
  • Week Four: Planetary Combinations (Yogas) 
  • Week Five: Predicting with Dashas & Transits