8. Indian Astrology Certificate

8.2. V101A Introduction to Indian Astrology Part 1

Instructor: Gary Gomes and Kenneth Miller
5-week course

Indian Astrology is a uniquely unbroken tradition of astrology, practiced continuously for as long as 2,000 years according to modern scholarship. In Indian, the tradition is viewed as extending back at least 5,000 years. It is referenced in the religious writing of India as far back as the Maha Bharata and the Atharva Veda, two ancient spiritual texts.

In addition to its spiritual origins, the Astrologies of India are renowned for several distinct differences from the Western traditions: First, its emphasis is on prediction, so the Indian astrological system can function as a very strong predictive and analytical tool. It also uses special techniques that seem to have originated solely in India—the use of the lunar nodes, major planetary periods, etc. which are very useful in assessing when events will occur. And include an extensive collection of remedies that are often used to allay bad planetary effects. Finally, it consistently uses tools that are only infrequently used in other forms of astrology, such as a whole system of harmonic charts that cover certain specific parts of life; Nakshatras (or one a day lunar mansions, which map out destiny) and, of course, the sidereal zodiac, which is used in lieu of the tropical zodiac common to most non-Indian astrology systems.

The course will cover
  • A Brief Introduction to Hinduism and its key philosophical concepts and how these concepts apply to astrology;
  • An overview of several of the commonly used astrological systems in India.
  • Chart organization & styles, including a discussion of the three primary styles of charts (North, South and Bengali) used in India
An overview of how to use the system of Indian Astrology will include:
  • Interpretation of the significations of Planets, Signs & Houses and how these are to be used in a chart
  • Understanding the unique system of planetary dignities and aspects, and how they affect delineation.
  • Rasis-How the signs are interpreted in Indian Astrology and how nakshatras (lunar mansions) are used in Indian Astrology.
  • The Basic principles of judging a chart, including how to make an accurate chart analysis
By the end of the class, the student will be able to provide a basic chart interpretation using standard analytical techniques of an Indian chart.