8. Indian Astrology Certificate

8.4. V110A Vedic Tricks to Elect the Best Time (5 weeks)

Instructor: Kenneth Miller 
Prerequisites: Having a basic knowledge of planets, houses and rulerships is essential; having a beginning knowledge of Indian astrology is useful but not essential. 

Did you know that in India they have a five-fold qualitative division of time that differs significantly from our Western time concepts? If you are a Western astrologer you will learn how to easily integrate this and other considerations in your practice without having to learn Indian astrology!

There is a lot of overlap between Indian and Western astrology. But one area of radical difference is the function of different units of time. This class is for western astrologers who do electional work and run into situations when there simply is no “good” time to do things according to their principles. This class is also for Vedic astrology students who want to begin to do Muhurta, the election of auspicious time for business, marriage, even sending important emails!

Muhurta, the electional astrology of India, is the art of picking auspicious times to begin endeavors, whether that is opening a business, getting married, even submitting a homework assignment through the internet. Any action that has a consequence can be timed for maximum success. 

Each week will feature real-life example charts and have homework so you are able to immediately integrate the principles into your astrological practice. 


  • Week 1: Indian concepts of Time and their influence on events (Panchang and Beyond)
  • Week 2: Special Combinations for Success
  • Week 3: Principles to Nullify Adversity
  • Week 4: Integrating Natal Chart considerations with Election Charts
  • Week 5: Applying all to Life: Examples charts for a variety of circumstances.

We want you to know that you understand the techniques, so there will be weekly homework, and homework will be given prior to the break to keep you busy and learning.

Certificate students can use this course as an elective.