9. Electives

9.8. E520B Astrologies of Soul: Calling and Vocation

Instructors: Joseph Crane and Enid Newberg 
Diploma elective or can be applied to the Alternate Traditions Certificate. 
Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of astrological symbols; a desire to explore different ideas about the soul and astrology.

In ordinary experience, our primary interactions with the world are through our daily work, our job, or career. But this may not be the same as being "called" to a particular type of action or work.

Astrologers have been concerned with these matters for centuries. In this course, we will ponder the differences between the Midheaven and the 10th house, what other houses play a role in calling and vocation, the guidance from the positions of the Sun and Lot of Spirit, determining the planetary daimon as what planet guides the astrological chart.

This is such a great course!!! I would recommend that anyone interested in astrology take it, it is fascinating and has something for everyone!!!!
-- Iva Podrug, Facebook review

Weekly topics:

  • Job and career vs. calling and vocation: What is the difference?
  • The Soul's calling and our response
  • Revisioning and the future: the hard path - Fall and Redemption
  • Finding support in unusual places. Astrological magic
  • Personal Alchemy: Living in accord with our calling and the planets

This course is part of a three-part series on the Astrologies of Soul. It is one of the most comprehensive treatments of soul and astrology offered anywhere.