9. Electives

9.9. E520C The Recurring and Evolving Soul 2nd ed.

Instructors: Joseph Crane and Enid Newberg 
Diploma elective or can be applied to the Alternate Traditions Certificate. 
Prerequisites: A solid knowledge of astrological symbols; a desire to explore different ideas about the soul; an interest in exploring the links between history, philosophy, religion, and astrology

What can we tell from an astrological chart about the soul and potential past lives? It's a really good question and astrologers have been finding answers since ancient Greece. This course looks at the intersection of ideas about the soul and astrological interpretation from ancient to modern. Each week, students will have a chance to work with a different technique, applying it to their own charts and the charts of others. 

This incarnation of the Recurring and Evolving Soul emphasizes astrological techniques along with a deeper understanding of karma. Topics covered: 

1. Planets are divine (or at least they are people)! 
The Western tradition: karma and metempsychosis
Meeting the characters
The ascent and descent of the soul
Talking to your planets

 2. Daemons are Forever
Find your soul's guardian spirit - Techniques from our astrological ancestors
How to use the astrological chart to help a planet in need

3. Karma and astrology from the Indian perspective.
Indian astrology's approach to the lunar nodes
Using the entire chart to talk of soul, incarnation, and reincarnation.

4. The rebirth of reincarnation and astrology in the 1800s 
The soul's ghostly rise - Spiritualism
Theosophy's multiple children consider reincarnation and the astrological chart:
The Wheel of the Zodiac and the Seven Rays

5. The Evolution of Evolutionary Astrology
Birth and rebirth in modern times
Pluto and the Nodes 
Reclaiming the Past

Required texts can be found under the Soul and Spirit section of https://keplercollege.org/index.php/required-books-for-courses 

Students' final project will be a chart analysis using one of the reincarnation techniques presented in class. 

This course presents an overview of reincarnation's role in astrological practice and is students are strongly encouraged to actively participate in both the live sessions and in online discussion forums. Basic knowledge of astrology is required, for we’ll look at different astrological techniques that have been used to tease out information about the soul's incarnations.

Anyone is welcome to join this workshop

This course has two parts (1) an online course site with supplemental material and online discussion forums and (2) a weekly live interactive online conference. The live portion of the course is recorded and students will receive a copy of the recording.

This course is part of a three-part series on the Astrologies of Soul. It is the most comprehensive treatment of soul and astrology offered anywhere.

The series traces the connections between our ideas about the soul in philosophy, religion, and astrology, through Western and Eastern history and practice. It will introduce you to a range of perspectives and applications that can aid in living a good life and help sustain the spirit through life's transitions.