2. Astrological Fundamentals: Movement & Forecasting

2.5. W111C Mapping Your Life History Practicum

Instructor: Linea Van Horn
5-week course

Learn how to prioritize events to better evaluate the expression of transits, secondary progressions, and eclipses.

In this 5-week intensive class, the student will develop a list of well-timed events of their lives. This will include not just chronological occurrences but longer, more subtle themes, too. Then, using the natal chart, the student will view this life story through the lens of astrological transits, secondary progressions, and eclipses. Personalized lists will be provided for each student, as well as other useful tools.

By the end of the class, the student will have developed a detailed, concise, and thorough life history alongside the corresponding astrological activity. In addition, the student will have learned how to prioritize the many factors that must be considered in such an in-depth study, and how to coordinate information from various forecasting systems.

3 short writing assignments (500 – 1,000 words) will be required to demonstrate a grasp of the material. Most of the work produced in this class will be intensely personal. Therefore, to protect their confidentiality, students will not be asked to share details of their stories with each other or the instructor, except as necessary to complete the assignments.

Required texts can be found under the section for Moving the Chart in Time in https://keplercollege.org/index.php/required-books-for-courses