4. Counseling and Relationships

4.6. WR205A Introduction to Psychological Astrology

Instructor: Ali Gully
5-week course

In this class, students will do a deep dive into the astrological foundations of elements and modalities, and how they drive our personality and life choices. By examining their own chart, students will learn preferences of taking In, processing, and sharing information. They will work with the MBTI (Myers Briggs Personality Test) and learn the astrological correspondences and how this information can be applied to client work. Communication skills, keys to rapport-building, and locating successful avenues leading to client understanding will be the central topics explored.

Many astrological consultations involve identifying and solving problems. Understanding a client’s motivation and overall life themes is helpful to the success of this process, This course provides tools that students can use to explore interpretations of planets in signs, the difference between the natal promise, and how the individual can evolve over time with their chart.

Through discussions, reading, process journaling, and case studies, students will gain insights into self-understanding and client work. Students will learn how to coach clients on accepting their talents and challenges as well as achieve balance in their lives. Students will also gain insight into their own natal chart by exploring preferences, symbols, and the subconscious.