9. Electives

9.5. CS201A Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology

Instructor: Ali Gully
Prerequisite: Students should have an understanding of the basic components of chart interpretation: planets, signs, houses, and aspect
Click here for required materials 

This 5-week course introduces students to the basics of Hellenistic Astrology. Explore the lens of whole sign house systems and aspects, why sect matters, observational astronomy with solar phases, house rulership vs. planetary placement, and how planetary condition influences events.

Learning the roots of Hellenistic will deepen your astrological practice in modern times. Understanding the rich origins of how the ancients interpreted charts will layer into all astrological practices whether you evolve to natal, electional, medical, horary, or mundane.

Weekly practice of each new interpretive technique is presented through reading, practical application with your own chart, discussion board posts, and a final essay pulling all of the concepts together.