5. Use of Personal Charts and Faculty Readings

Although questions about a student's chart may be part of some class assignments, in general, the delineation of a student's personal natal chart with all its birth data will not be the focus of classroom exercises. There are several reasons for this:

  • Personal charts have personal data (birth date and time), which can compromise an individual's privacy;
  • Not all students are comfortable with sharing chart information and we want to ensure no student feels pressure to share any information they prefer to keep private;
  • Sharing personal charts can impact the ability of students to learn because the focus often shifts to one's chart rather than to the learning objective.

Students can ask questions in class related to their own charts. And, of course, students can and do share their own charts with their fellow students and friends at any time outside the classroom.

Astrological Consultations by Faculty

Faculty cannot ethically accept an individual student as a client to provide a chart reading or other astrological work. When the student is no longer enrolled with that instructor at Kepler, this conflict of interest does not apply.