3. Instructor Evaluation of Students

The Kepler Certificate Program uses multiple methods to help assess whether a student has passed a course, including performance observation, projects, demonstrations of learning, discussion participation, an indication of growth in understanding and performance, test results and more. This encour­ages students and faculty to design courses beyond just memorizing information and helps ensure that students can apply what they have learned.

Evaluations will include a consideration of: 

  • Analytical skills and critical thinking (creativity, synthesis, analysis, etc.)
  • Use and citing of sources (by author and title, internet link, etc.)
  • Mechanics (readability, grammar, vocabulary, syntax, etc.)
  • Clarity of argument or comprehension of the issue
  • Quality of support (graphics, explanations, and sources)
  • Regular participation including both a quantitative and a qualitative aspect. Did the student:
    • ask pertinent questions?
    • understand the material?
    • clearly communicate your understanding?

Final Evaluations

Your instructor will send your final evaluation within 30 days of the close of the term (or, if an extension has been granted, 30 days after you have completed all work for the term.)

Evaluations will show one of the following letter codes:

  • P = pass (student has successfully completed an average of 70% or more on the required course activities as determined by the instructor and posted to the course website).
  • PD = pass with distinction (94% or above)
  • I = incomplete 
  • A  =  audit
  • W = withdrawn

Incomplete Work

An incomplete agreement is given at the discretion of the instructor following a discussion with the student.

Students are expected to keep up with the work in the Certificate Program. Upon a written request by the student for an "incomplete", the instructor, at his or her sole option, may give extra time up to one term to finish a course. 

If the student asks in advance and if a course is repeated within the next 12 months, the instructor, at his or her sole option, can allow the student to re-take the course for no charge.

Under certain circumstances, a student may request an "incomplete," which is an agreement between the student and his or her instructor(s) that the student will complete work by a specified date after the course has ended, usually by the end of the following term.