Topic outline

  • Introduction to the Basics


    This course is designed for someone who has little to no background in the astrology. The overall goals for this course are to help you

    • Gain some understanding of the history of astrology as practiced in the West.
    • Understand how an astrological chart is related to the astronomy of the sky and planets.
    • Learn about the core symbolism used in an astrological chart: the planets, signs, houses, and aspects
    • Start to understand how this information is used to interpret an astrological chart

    In our regular classes, instead of a division by topic area as you see in this class, you will have a division for each of the 10 weeks of class. In addition, there will be a Discussion forum and possibly an assignment or quiz in each of those weeks. Students will also meet on a regular basis in an online conference, where the instructor can share his or her screen and the students can ask questions, talk about the week's objectives, and interpret charts.

  • Introduction to the Basic Concepts